We specialise in green energy products, and are able to supply; solar PV panels, LED lighting, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, and more!.


As well as being able to supply individual solar components, we are also able to supply solar power kits (available as either DIY or installed). The solar power kits can be supplied for end user installation, resellers, installers, etc.

A customized solar system can also be designed to suit your individual needs, from simple solar phone chargers, to entire off-grid houses.


Our services include the following:

  • Solar system design
  • Consultations
  • Supply of solar components
  • Fault-finding of solar systems
  • Maintenance & Repairs of solar systems
  • Installations


We have also set-up an online store where you are able to view and buy our products directly at retail prices (see the "shop" link above). We do offer discounts on quantity, as well as discounts for resellers. Please contact us for more information.