Here are the services that we offer:

    - Solar system design

    - Consultations

    - Supply of solar components

    - Fault-finding of solar systems

    - Maintenance & Repairs of solar systems

    - Training/skills development

    - Installations

Solar System Design Service

We are able to design a solar system according to your individual unique requirements. You tell us what your requirements are, and then we design a solar system to suit! Once the solar system has been designed, we forward you the relevant data, such as the required components, quantities, cable sizing, solar panel mounting angles, basic wiring diagram, etc.


We offer both verbal and technical consultations. So whether you are just looking for an on-site consultation, or requiring in-depth answers to your renewable energy questions, we are able to help!

Supply of Solar Components

We specialise in green energy products and are able to supply a wide range, including;

    - solar PV panels,

    - charge controllers,

    - inverters,

    - LED lighting,

    - batteries,

    - digital meters,

    - solar power kits,

    - educational kits,

    - and more!

We are also a registered importer, so if you require a product not shown on the product brochures, website, or online-shop, please feel free to ask us to source the item for you!

Fault-finding of Solar Systems

Do you already have a solar system? Perhaps it is not working as it was supposed to? We can help!

We offer a fault-finding service, in which we will locate where the fault is in your solar system, and then advise you on what steps need to be taken to rectify the problem/fault.

Maintenance & Repairs of Solar Systems

Along with our fault-finding service, we also offer a maintenance and repair service, so that your solar system always remains in tip-top shape!


We offer all our solar systems, including our solar kits, as either a DIY or installed service.

Our DIY kits are designed according to our goal, to try and make solar energy accessible to as many people as possible. We try our utmost to make our solar kits as user-friendly as possible, which ensures an easy, painless, DIY installation! We also normally include basic installation instructions to assist you with your installation. However, if you would like us to install the solar system for you, we are able to help!